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Re: A blktrace tapset, or 101 things you can do with blktrace and systemtap

Tom Zanussi <> writes:

> Well, maybe not 101 things, but 5 at least, as described below...[...]

Amazing.  It's also a demonstration of the capability of systemtap
as an integration platform for different tracing/probing systems.

> For all the scripts, you basically just run the script while running
> blktrace in another shell (the blktrace and spectrace tapsets are
> contained in the ./tapsets directory which needs to be included on the
> stap commandline e.g.

When you're comfortable with it, you're welcome to commit the tapset
code to CVS, in which case the "-I ..." flag will not be needed.

> # stap -I tapsets countall.stp
> # btrace /dev/hda

Is there some way for the systemtap script to perform the tracing
activation done by the btrace tool?

> [...] This script needs a couple extra changes to the normal commandline, so
> it doesn't choke on some default systemtap limits:
> # stap -I tapsets -DMAXMAPENTRIES=10000 -DMAXACTION=10000 iotop.stp
> [...]

In what cases would your script come up against the MAXACTION limits?

- FChE

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