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Re: experiences building Live CD with systemtap and kernel debuginfo

Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
William Cohen <> writes:

A few more comments on building Live CD. The bugs that appear to be
prevent systemtap from operating on a rawhide system are:
There are some examples include in /usr/share/doc/systemtap-0.5.12/,
but the RPM for rawhide is a bit older and does not contain the

How about building a demo based on FC6 rather than rawhide?

- FChE

I was able to create a liveCD iso based off of FC6 that included the things to run systemtap. This was based on on the:

The following command built the CD image and includes a work around to avoid including an older kernel update:

livecd-creator \
--repo=c6, \
--repo=c6di, \
--repo=c6_upd, \
--repo=c6_updi, \
--repo=lcd6, \
--repo=e6, \
--package=fedora-livecd-gnome \
--package=kernel-debuginfo \
--package=kernel-devel \
--exclude-package=kernel \
--package=systemtap \
--fslabel=Fedora-6-systemtap-20070302 >& livecd-staptut.log &

I burned the image and booted up an IBM Thinkpad T41 with the disk, opened a terminal, then:

su -
cd /usr/share/doc/systemtap-0.5.12/examples
stap helloworld.stp

The hellowworld ran as expected.
I was also able to /usr/share/doc/systemtap-0.5.12/examples/small_demos/ such as kmalloc2.stp

The iso is 610MB in size. Any suggestions on where to put the iso, so other people can try it?


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