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Re: can kprobes be modular?

Vara Prasad wrote:

David Wilder wrote:

Roland McGrath wrote:

I was reading over some things, and it occurred to me that kprobes ought to
be a loadable kernel module. I don't have any special motivation for this.
It just seems like an unclean situation that it can't be a module now.
Perhaps many kernels will want to build it in anyway, but I can't see why
it isn't a module. It's not very big, but neither are many other things
that are used much more often and are built as modules.

The #ifdef CONFIG_KPROBES sections in e.g. arch/i386/kernel/traps.c look to
me like things that ought to be enabled unconditionally, so kprobes or any
other module could use them. Things like register_page_fault_notifier
ought to just be enabled and exported by default.



What do we gain by making kprobes a module? The only reason I can think of is so a system administrator could disable the feature at will to prevent possible security holes. Any other reasons to do this?.

Well you need to be a super user today to load a module that makes use of kprobes interfaces so, i am not sure i understand what is the security risk you are talking about.

Yes you are correct, I did not mean to imply that kprobes created a security risk. I was just trying to clarify why we would want to modularize kprobes.

David Wilder
IBM Linux Technology Center
Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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