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systemtap results for systemtap-200702124 on s390x

Below are the results of the installcheck run on s390x of the 2007-02-24 snapshot (plus a fix I checked in on Sunday).
Still a few failures, but the results are much better that past runs. This run was made on a v2.6.20.1 kernel.
Test Run By wilder on Tue Feb 27 10:09:11 2007
Native configuration is s390x-ibm-linux

=== systemtap tests ===

Schedule of variations:
FAIL: /home/wilder/systemtap-20070227/src/testsuite/systemtap.base/deref.stp startup (eof)
FAIL: probefunc:kernel.statement(0x000000000011fdf0) shutdown (eof)
FAIL: buildok/lket.stp
FAIL: buildok/process_test.stp
FAIL: buildok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: buildok/socket.stp
FAIL: buildok/twenty.stp
FAIL: semok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: systemtap.samples/lket(semantic error)
FAIL: sysopen (0)
FAIL: conversions.stp 0 (4)
FAIL: /home/wilder/systemtap-20070227/src/testsuite/systemtap.stress/current.stp compilation
FAIL: clock
FAIL: signal
FAIL: timer

=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            296
# of unexpected failures        15
# of expected failures          122
# of known failures             2
# of untested testcases         2
# of unsupported tests          1

David Wilder
IBM Linux Technology Center
Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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