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systemtap results for systemtap-200702124 on ppc

I have executed the systemtap-20070224 testcases on ppc system. Results
of the tests looks like below. Still I could see bug#4075. I need to
investigate for the failures of other testcases.

Date: 200702261302
User: root
Kernel: Linux 2.6.21-rc1 #1 SMP Mon Feb 26 11:28:08 IST 2007 ppc64 ppc64
ppc64 GNU/Linux

Testsuite summary of failed tests
FAIL: BULK1 compilation failed
FAIL: BULK2 compilation failed
FAIL: MERGE1 compilation failed
FAIL: MERGE2 compilation failed
FAIL: probefunc:kernel.statement(0xc000000000065cb8) startup (eof)
FAIL: probefunc:kernel.inline("context_switch") compilation
FAIL: buildok/lket.stp
FAIL: buildok/process_test.stp
FAIL: buildok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: buildok/socket.stp
FAIL: buildok/twenty.stp
FAIL: semok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: systemtap.samples/lket(semantic error)
FAIL: alarm
FAIL: clock
FAIL: mmap
FAIL: readwrite
FAIL: signal
FAIL: stat
FAIL: statfs
FAIL: 32-bit alarm
FAIL: 32-bit clock
FAIL: 32-bit mmap
FAIL: 32-bit readwrite
FAIL: 32-bit signal
FAIL: 32-bit stat
FAIL: 32-bit statfs
                === systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            311
# of unexpected failures        27
# of expected failures          122
# of known failures             2
# of untested testcases         2
# of unsupported tests          2
runtest completed at Mon Feb 26 19:40:16 2007

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