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Re: [PATCH 00/05] Linux Kernel Markers - kernel 2.6.20

Andrew Morton wrote:

On 15 Feb 2007 10:28:57 -0500 (Frank Ch. Eigler) wrote:

akpm wrote:

[...] And what can I do with these markers? And once I've done it,
are there any userspace applications I can use to get the data out
in human-usable form? [...]

The LTTng user-space programs use it today.  Systemtap used to support
the earlier marker prototype and will be rapidly ported over to this
new API upon acceptance.

That's good.

It would be beneficial if some people from those projects could spare the
cycles to carefully review and runtime test this code.

Sure, as soon as SystemTap translator supports this new marker mechanism we will give it a spin and report results.

Also, I'm not 100% clear on where we ended up with the huge
static-vs-dynamic flamewar. Did everyone end up happy? Is this patchset a
reasonable compromise? Or do we need a rematch?

From my view this is a good compromise. We all realized in that long discussion thread that we need a way to mark the code in the middle of functions that can later be activated dynamically. Mathieu's current implementation meets that goal. I will be happy to see this in.

Vara Prasad

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