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[Bug runtime/3858] Independent Runtime Module

------- Additional Comments From fche at redhat dot com  2007-02-15 15:26 -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> In many cases, IMHO, the gcc/kernel-debuginfo is not installed on the customer's
> servers because of security and diskspace. So, we can't compile the scripts
> on those servers.

This situation is already addressed to some extent with our cross-compilation
capabilities.  (See the relevant war story wiki page for an example.)

> I'd like to share only buffers, not variables.
> I think the sharing buffer interfaces will not increase contention
> slowdown. What would you think about this?

Unless I am mistaken, sharing buffers by nature increases contention.
Concurrently executing probes would have to use some mutual exclusion
to write into the same buffer.  Plus they would probably have to include
some additional information with every record to identify the script
that produced it.

> I think we might as well focus on the "I/O buffer sharing by pre-compiled
> modules" issue. The title of this bug is very confusion, so I suggest that 
> we should make a new entry to discuss this issue.

Perhaps we can lump it in with the flight recorder functionality.


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