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[Bug runtime/4037] make staprun 32/64-bit interoperable

------- Additional Comments From fche at redhat dot com  2007-02-14 02:28 -------
> I intentionally disabled it because it was making a lot of code very messy.

Indeed, which made sense in the absence of a target-neutral "wire protocol"
between the kernel and staprun.  That is in effect what I am proposing
be developed.  Consider it an enhancement if you like.

> [...]  I am confused about how this situation occurred and why it is
> desirable to have 32-bit stapruns work on 64-bit kernels.

At the moment, the issue arises on "multilib" (really, multi-ISA) architectures
where a kernel can run more than one type of binary transparently.  Hence the
wrong staprun might get installed, even though they both would "work" as far
as being executable is concerned.  This gets even more entertaining should the
same machine be equipped to run either 32- or 64-bit kernel, with a primarily 
32-bit userspace.  It would be nice to avoid requiring reinstalling staprun
just because one rebooted.

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