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[Bug runtime/3858] Independent Runtime Module

------- Additional Comments From masami dot hiramatsu dot pt at hitachi dot com  2007-01-25 12:37 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> > Integration of outputs from multiple systemtap sessions can be construed
> > as a part of bug #3857 or a user-space post-processor, or even perhaps
> > from the possible adoption of the UTT code for tracing.
> Sure, the integration itself can be implemented as a part of #3857.

Sorry, I think it doubt, because of the following reasons.

1) If we want to integrate the outputs of several scripts, those 
  scripts have to share the interfaces which write into shared 
  (relay) buffers.
2) The interface which will be shared by several modules have to be
3) The names of the exported interfaces have to be unique.

Thus, if we integrate the outputs of several scripts, only one of
those scripts can export the unique interfaces.

However, I think there are some problematic cases.
case A) If I'm using 2 scripts and I want to change only one of 
  the scripts which provides the interfaces, I can not remove 
  it with leaving another one.
case B) If I want to use 4 scripts and if 2 of those scripts have to 
  export the interfaces, it will make a conflict.

In each case, if we separate the transport module (which provides
the interfaces) from the runtime, we can share it smoothly.

I know I might merge the script sources. But sometimes (ex. running
systemtap on customer's servers), I can't do it and have to combine
the pre-compiled scripts. So, I proposed this idea.
If you have other good ideas, please tell me...



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