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[Bug runtime/3858] Independent Runtime Module

------- Additional Comments From masami dot hiramatsu dot pt at hitachi dot com  2007-01-22 04:24 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Integration of outputs from multiple systemtap sessions can be construed
> as a part of bug #3857 or a user-space post-processor, or even perhaps
> from the possible adoption of the UTT code for tracing.

Sure, the integration itself can be implemented as a part of #3857.

> Space savings from code parts of the runtime (logic for arrays, etc.)
> are not significant: about 20 kB for a small probe script.  See the
> run-time dmesg output of current cvs systemtap.

OK, the code parts are small enough.
As far as I know, there are many dynamic allocated objects (for example,
symbol tables) which can be shared with other scripts.
This feature can also reduce these objects.

> Is there some other hypothetical benefit?

Another benefit is that this feature enables us to merge the runtime
routine into the mainstream kernel. If it is merged, we can reduce
maintenance costs of the code and have consistent interfaces for the
linux kernel.



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