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Re: Systemtap Test results 20070116 for ppc64

Mike Mason wrote:
Thanks for the report.

I'm also seeing these failures on ppc64:

FAIL: 32-bit chmod
FAIL: 32-bit dir
FAIL: 32-bit mmap
FAIL: 32-bit openclose
FAIL: 32-bit readwrite
FAIL: 32-bit statfs

These tests were enabled in cvs on ppc64 within the last couple of days. Did these tests pass in your case or were you using older code?
I have downloaded latest source from here. and tested it.
As you told, tests may get enabled in CVS recently.
Iam downloading latest source from cvs, I will test it and let you know the results.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "didn't find any specific test failures on ppc64." Obviously there were failures, so you must be making some other distinction.
As Ananth told, What I meant is there weren't test failures unique to ppc64,in comparision with x86_64.

Srinivasa DS

Regards, Mike Mason

Srinivasa Ds wrote:
I have attached the systemtap test results below. We didn't find any
specific test failures on ppc64.
Date: 200701160637
User: root
Kernel: Linux 2.6.19-rc1 #5 SMP Tue Nov 28 07:00:19 IST 2006 ppc64 ppc64
ppc64 GNU/Linux

Testsuite summary of failed tests

compilation FAIL: probefunc:kernel.statement(0xc000000000057918) startup (eof) FAIL: probefunc:kernel.inline("context_switch") compilation FAIL: buildok/eighteen.stp FAIL: buildok/four.stp FAIL: buildok/lket.stp FAIL: buildok/seventeen.stp FAIL: buildok/twentyfive.stp FAIL: semok/seventeen.stp FAIL: semok/twelve.stp FAIL: systemtap.samples/lket(semantic error) FAIL: sysopen (0) FAIL: acct FAIL: alarm FAIL: chmod FAIL: clock FAIL: dir FAIL: mmap FAIL: openclose FAIL: readwrite FAIL: signal FAIL: stat FAIL: statfs === systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            272
# of unexpected failures        23
# of expected failures          122
# of unknown successes          2
# of known failures             3
# of untested testcases         2
# of unsupported tests          1
runtest completed at Tue Jan 16 12:44:06 2007


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