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Other format: [Raw text] results in a kernel string copy fault


perhaps someone can give me a hint. First of all I tried also the snapshot 20070113 which did a complete system hang up. Using now the old 20061223 snapshot.

When I'm trying to use a
probe {
if (execname() != "staprun")
printf("%s: %s (%s) = ", execname(), name, argstr)
this results in a
ERROR: kernel string copy fault at 0x000081a4 near identifier '$filp' at /opt/systemtap/share/systemtap/tapset/nfs_proc.stp:1223:27
when the insmod is executed.

As I have seen, there is a change in this file (snapshot 20070113). But using the new snapshots hangs my system. Because I have no console, I don't see whether the kernel gives me an Oops.

The kernel we are using here is not a standard kernel. It is a special patched MontaVista Linux kernel with some additional patches for perfctr. The version is 2.6.10 with a backport patch from 2.6.13 for the kprobes interface compiled with gcc 3.4.3.

So I would be pleased for any hint!

Michael Obster

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