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Systemtap Test results 20070116 for ppc64

I have attached the systemtap test results below. We didn't find any specific test failures on ppc64.
Date: 200701160637
User: root
Kernel: Linux 2.6.19-rc1 #5 SMP Tue Nov 28 07:00:19 IST 2006 ppc64 ppc64 ppc64 GNU/Linux

Testsuite summary of failed tests
FAIL: /home/cya/tmp/stap_testing_200701160637/src/testsuite/systemtap.base/kmodule.stp compilation
FAIL: probefunc:kernel.statement(0xc000000000057918) startup (eof)
FAIL: probefunc:kernel.inline("context_switch") compilation
FAIL: buildok/eighteen.stp
FAIL: buildok/four.stp
FAIL: buildok/lket.stp
FAIL: buildok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: buildok/twentyfive.stp
FAIL: semok/seventeen.stp
FAIL: semok/twelve.stp
FAIL: systemtap.samples/lket(semantic error)
FAIL: sysopen (0)
FAIL: acct
FAIL: alarm
FAIL: chmod
FAIL: clock
FAIL: dir
FAIL: mmap
FAIL: openclose
FAIL: readwrite
FAIL: signal
FAIL: stat
FAIL: statfs
=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            272
# of unexpected failures        23
# of expected failures          122
# of unknown successes          2
# of known failures             3
# of untested testcases         2
# of unsupported tests          1
runtest completed at Tue Jan 16 12:44:06 2007


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