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Re: [Bug kprobes/2666] List active probes

On 15 Jan 2007 10:38:58 -0000, srinivasa at in dot ibm dot com
<> wrote:

------- Additional Comments From srinivasa at in dot ibm dot com 2007-01-15 10:38 ------- Created an attachment (id=1494) --> ( Patch to list active probes in the system.

  I have developed a patch, that lists all active probes on the system through
the proc interface.  Somehow I couldn't able to send this patch to lkml last
time. I did some minor changes to the patch to suit 2.6.20 kernel.

Output looks like this
[root@llm31 a]# cat /proc/kprobes/list
c0000000000c0720  r  .sys_write+0x0
c0000000000c0720  k  .sys_write+0x0
c00000000004c550  k  .do_fork+0x0
c00000000004c550  k  .do_fork+0x0
c00000000004c550  j  .do_fork+0x0
c0000000000bfed4  r  .vfs_read+0x0
c0000000000bddb4  r  .sys_open+0x0
c0000000000c0694  r  .sys_read+0x0
c0000000000c0694  k  .sys_read+0x0
c00000000004c554  k  .do_fork+0x4
d0000000000781b0  k  .autofs4_dentry_release+0x0  autofs4
c0000000000275d0  k  kretprobe_trampoline+0x0
c0000000000bfd18  k  .vfs_write+0x0
  So please review my patch and let me know your suggestions,so that I
incorporate those changes in my patch.

any idea how the system will respond when there are 40,000 active
probes or more?

James Dickens

    Srinivasa DS


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