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Re: Tapset state & plans

Gui,Jian wrote:
Mike Mason wrote:
I've been asked to do is help expand and enhance systemtap's set of tapsets. As a starting point, I have some questions regarding the current state of things:

- What analysis has been done to determine what tapsets should be implemented? Has anyone done a comparison between the data that dtrace provides and what systemtap does/should provide?

- Of the tapsets already in cvs, which are considered complete and which are incomplete. I know things like this are never truly "done", but some must be more done than others.

- What tapsets are people in the community currently working on?

- Does a prioritized list of tapsets "to be done" exist?

Mike Mason

Current RPC tapset mainly picks probe points from high-level
RPC client, server and scheduler functions. It doesn't cover
other components such as XDR, credential, etc. Any contribution
to this/systemtap is welcome.

And the same rule also applies to other tapsets, such as NFS and networking. And sometimes we may be a little slow at documenting the implemented tapsets so the first place to find what probes available in SystemTap is the /usr/share/systemtap/tapsets directory.

The tapsets we implemented as part of LKET come mostly from requirement of our performance team. We have almost finished their wish list, so at present there is not a clear plan of what tapsets we will do in the next step.

- Guanglei

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