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Regular testing of SystemTap on various platforms

Hi All,

We would like to make sure that SystemTap functions correctly on a variety of architectures and distributions. There is a simple minded script in the cvs repository tests/tools/stap_testing that downloads the current source code in the cvs repository, compiles it, installs it in a local directory, runs the "make installcheck" tests, and mail test results when the tests complete. It will also generate coverage information about what parts of the translator are execised by the testing. This script needs root permission to run the scripts and needs to be adapted for local conditions, e.g. elfutils source is stored.

Currently, I have this script running regularly on the following system:

-FC5 i686 (pentium m)
-FC6/rawhide i686 (dual processor piii)
-FC6/rawhide x86_64 (AMD64)
-RHEL5 i686 (Athlon)
-RHEL5 x86-64 (Xeon HT)

The running is just set up as a crontab job 4:30am EDT

30 04 * * * /home/wcohen/bin/stap_testing >& /tmp/stap_testing.log

It would be good to have similar testing to make sure that systemtap is running other architectures, e.g. ia64 and powerpc. Other people doing regular runs of the tests. If so, what other architectures and distributions are people running the tests on?


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