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[Bug translator/3232] unable to allocate memory for context on rawhide x86_64

------- Additional Comments From wcohen at redhat dot com  2006-09-20 18:26 -------
After I filed the bz, I realized that translator was unlikely cause of the
problem. The generated C code was very similar between working and non working
versions. With all the tapsets being translated into C by the translator it
seems like the runtime would be the like cause. The following change set looks
like a possible canidate:

PatchSet 1154
Date: 2006/09/18 12:44:19
Author: hunt
Branch: HEAD
Tag: (none)
2006-09-18  Martin Hunt  <>

        * print.c (_stp_print_flush): Rewrite so one version works for
        relayfs or procfs. Use proper per-cpu functions.
        (_stp_reserve_bytes): New function. Reserve bytes in the output buffer.
        (_stp_print_binary): New function. Write a variable number of
        64-bit values directly into the output buffer.

        * string.c (_stp_sprintf): Rewrite using new per-cpu buffers.
        (_stp_vsprintf): Ditto.
        (_stp_string_cat_cstr): Ditto.
        (_stp_string_cat_char): Ditto.

        * runtime.h: Set defaults for MAXTRYLOCK and TRYLOCKDELAY to make
        runtime tests in bench2 happy.

Doing a binary search to find out which checkin is causing the problem.


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