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Re: [PATCH] Linux Kernel Markers 0.2 for Linux 2.6.17

* Frank Ch. Eigler ( wrote:
> If you don't allow yourself to presume on-the-fly function
> recompilation, then these markers would need to be made run-time
> rather than compile-time configurable.  That is, not like this:
> > +/* Menu configured markers */
> > +#ifndef CONFIG_MARK
> > +#elif defined(CONFIG_MARK_PRINT)
> > +#define MARK	MARK_PRINT
> > +#elif defined(CONFIG_MARK_FPROBE)
> > +#define MARK	MARK_FPROBE
> > +#elif defined(CONFIG_MARK_KPROBE)
> > +#define MARK	MARK_KPROBE
> > +#elif defined(CONFIG_MARK_JPROBE)
> > +#define MARK	MARK_JPROBE
> > +#endif

By making them run-time configurable, I don't see any whay not to bloat the
kernel. How can be embed calls to printk+function+kprobe+djprobe without
having some kind of performance impact ?

Do you have any suggestion for this ? (or maybe am I missing your point ?)


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