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Re: Can't insert probes on Module Funcions

There exists the same problems on my IA64 box against RHEL5 beta1 version.
elfutils version is elfutils-0.123-2.fc6, and here is information of dwflmodtest
test case.
[root@tigerA tests]# ./dwflmodtest -k
module:                         kernel a000000100000000 0x6000000000008b60 0 (no error)
module:                             sg a000000200008000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                       ehci_hcd a000000200020000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                         button a000000200038000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                      container a000000200040000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                            jbd a000000200048000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                      processor a000000200074000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                        thermal a000000200088000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                    binfmt_misc a000000200094000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                            fan a0000002000a0000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                         dm_mod a0000002000a8000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                           ext3 a0000002000d0000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                      dm_mirror a00000020018c000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)
module:                         sunrpc a000000200468000        (nil) 0 (Unsupported relocation type)

output of eu-readelf is very large, here is part of output text.
 0x000000000000a0c6  IA64_SECREL32LSB 000000000000000000  +20207 .debug_loc
 0x000000000000a0d0  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15202 .text
 0x000000000000a0d8  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15232 .text
 0x000000000000a0ea  IA64_SECREL32LSB 000000000000000000  +20242 .debug_loc
 0x000000000000a0ef  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15202 .text
 0x000000000000a0f7  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15232 .text
 0x000000000000a113  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15313 .text
 0x000000000000a11b  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15314 .text
 0x000000000000a130  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15313 .text
 0x000000000000a138  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15314 .text
 0x000000000000a158  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15344 .text
 0x000000000000a160  IA64_DIR64LSB   000000000000000000  +15346 .text
 0x000000000000a176  IA64_SECREL32LSB 000000000000000000   +5008 .debug_ranges
 0x000000000000a189  IA64_SECREL32LSB 000000000000000000   +5056 .debug_ranges
 0x000000000000a1a0  IA64_SECREL32LSB 000000000000000000   +5104 .debug_ranges
I ever debug this problem and found that unsupported relocation type is IA64_SECREL32LSB.
in the output result of eu-readelf, relocation type about IA64_SECREL32LSB is all in
.debug_str/.debug_xxx section.I am not familiar with elf-utils tools, I do not know whether
elfutils will analyse .debug_xxx section.


Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
14 ÐÐÑÐÑÐÑ 2006 Ð 12:45 -0700 Keshavamurthy Anil S ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(-ÐÐ):
Let me know if you need any information.
What version of elfutils do you have? And could you send output of

readelf -r /lib/modules/<you-kernel-version>/kernel/fs/ext3/ext3.ko

(or you may use eu-readelf)

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