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Re: pre-compiled systemtap modules (try 2)

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 16:39 -0500, David Smith wrote:

> 1) Command-line interface.  To make this easy for a user to do, we need
> to modify the stap command to save a kernel module and run an existing
> one.  I've attached an updated patch that modifies the systemtap front
> end to take 2 new options:
>    -S DIR     Save the compiled module in DIR
>               Run pre-compiled module

Instead of "-P", why not have stap just realize it's been given a module
and it automatically does the right thing?

> (The original patch always saved the compiled module in '.', but Josh
> Stone liked being able to specify a directory.  I've changed the patch
> to reflect this.)

Why not "-S [dir]" so that the current directory is the default?

> 2) Differing options between compile (stap) and run time (stpd).  I
> believe that most of them should be OK, with the exception of the stap
> '-b' relayfs option (which turns into the '-r' stpd option).  If the '-
> b' option was specified at compile time and not at run time (or vice
> versa), I'm not sure what will happen (since that flag appears to change
> behavior both at compile time and run time).

"stpd -r" just mounts the relayfs filesystem if necessary.  When loading
a module, it known if it is using relayfs or not. It cannot be changed
at runtime.

> Martin Hunt was going to look into remove '-r' from stpd, but hasn't had
> a chance yet that I know of.

It seems obvious enough the option should be removed and the mount done
automatically, when required.  I'll get it checked in. 


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