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Re: How to create kernel-debuginfo

Thank you, Mr. Li
In the light of your guide, I got it.
But there is a question. Why the kernel-debuginfo rpm includes so many files?

On 8/28/06, Li Guanglei <> wrote:
sunzen w. wrote:
> hi,
> I'm trying systemtap-snapshot-20060826 on Linux 2.6.18-rc3.
> The current problem for me is how to get the kernel-debuginfo for
> Linux 2.6.18-rc3. I searched the network , but found no results ,
> neither got any tips about creating a kernel-debuginfo by oneself.
> Could anyone give me some guides about it? Any commit is appreciated.
> Best regards.

turn on "kernel hacking-->Compile the kernel with debug info" and
recompile your kernel. The debuginfo file will located at

you need copy it into /boot/vmlinux-xxx.debug.

You need also turn on the following options:

1. relayfs support:

General setup-->Kernel->user space relay support (formerly relayfs)

2. kprobe:

Instrumentation Support-->Kprobes

- Guanglei

<<freedom & enjoyment>>

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