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Re: Systemtap for NFSv4

Tony Reix <> forwarded:

> [...]  I see several conditions that would need to be fulfilled
> before we even start to consider that:

These seem somewhat idealistic.  The hope is that systemtap would be
useful even to subsystem developers such as the nfsv4 folks, for
debugging.  Surely their development platforms span a less-than-full
spectrum of distributions and architectures.

>  1) SystemTap would have to go into most (all?) distributions.

Several of them distribute it already.  Others are free to do so.

>  2) There must be support for _all_ processor architectures: I'm not
> sure that they all have kprobes support for instance.

In reality, the consequence of no kprobes support for oddball
architectures would be the inability to use dynamic probes on those
machines.  Static marker style instrumentation would work anyway.

>  3) The NFS code would have to stabilise considerably: if the code
> to be debugged keeps moving around, then maintaining a parallel set
> of SystemTap scripts would be a nightmare.

It depends on the kind and magnitude of change (are many important
functions getting renamed?  parameter lists revamped?  data structures
reorganized?).  Static markers would adopt more automatically.

- FChE

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