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Re: Systemtap for NFSv4

Trond, Trond, Trond:  My answers are basically pfeh, Pfeh, and PFEH!


Comments interspersed...

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:17:52 +0200, Tony Reix wrote:
> Hello,
> Can you answer the following questions asked by Trond Myklebust (NFSv4
> client) ?
> Thanks,
> Tony
> I see several conditions that would need to be fulfilled before we even
> start to consider that:
>  1) SystemTap would have to go into most (all?) distributions.
Getting there.  Why wait.  Just like all other things open-source,
get in on the development, be one of the first to use cool toys,
and YES, systemtap is heading there.  And, if you find a distro that
doesn't have it, ask here and suggest they include it.  This is OPEN
source, after all.  ;-)

>  2) There must be support for _all_ processor architectures: I'm not
> sure that they all have kprobes support for instance.

Oh, you know better than that!  All 38 processor architectures (okay,
I forgot the actual number)?  Again, when you find one that doesn't
work, let the arch maintainers know.  kprobes supports most of the
mainstream archs today, nothing fundamental standing in the way of
SystemTap supporting all of those.  When you find one that you care
about that doesn't work, let this list or the arch maintainer know.

>  3) The NFS code would have to stabilise considerably: if the code to be
> debugged keeps moving around, then maintaining a parallel set of
> SystemTap scripts would be a nightmare.

SystemTap can help stabilize the code!  It gives end users the ability
to help debug things without having your genius downloaded into their
Treo.  You'll get more intelligent bug reports and can ask for more
detail as generated by SystemTap.  Win-Win, I say!


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