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Re: [ltc-perf] draft of nfs event hook

Hi folks,
    This is nfsd tapset ,which includes nfsd procedures stubs on server 
side and nfsd functions called by corresponding procedures stubs.
In this tapset , I only probes some procedures stubs and nfsd functions 
not all of them .And this is the last nfs tapset,
I have sent out all nfs tapsets yet.

    Not like NFSV2 and NFSV3,there is just one procedure stub for 
NFSV4,nfsd4_proc_compound ,which will call difference function 
according to RPC request.So there is only one probe point at proc level 
for NFSV4.Some nfsd functions for NFSV4 like nfsd4_read,
nfsd4_write etc,are static inline functions,can't be probed.

    tell me if you have any questions/comments 

    BTW: My kernel is,could anyone tell me the NFSV4 of this 
kernel is  available?

Best Regards,

Li Xuepeng  (李雪鹏)

Linux Performance, China Systems & Technology Lab
China Development Labs, Beijing
Email: wrote on 2006-08-16 16:56:32:

> Hi folks
>     This is another nfs tapset about nfs procedures stubs on client 
>  And I will write nfs procedures stubs on server side at next step.
>     If you have any questions/suggestions/comments,pls tell me
> Thanks 
> [attachment "nfs_proc.stp" deleted by Xue Peng Li/China/Contr/IBM] 

Attachment: nfsd.stp
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