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[Bug runtime/3079] deref macro cannot read 64-bit values on 32-bit x86

------- Additional Comments From joshua dot i dot stone at intel dot com  2006-08-16 23:38 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Don't use deref for that.
> The loc2c-runtime.h macros are for the loc2c-generated code.
> They are not intended as general purpose facilities.

Then we need a separate 'deref' for use outside of loc2c-generated code.  A lot
of tapset code needs to have a safe way to dereference pointers, so that any
faults caused by bad pointers can be caught and reported as errors.

This may be related to bug #1303, but that's talking about broadly catching
faults, while here I want explicit fault handling.

We can redirect the solution to using something besides 'deref' if you like, but
please don't close the bug until we've actually solved the issue at hand.

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