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Re: [Fwd: Fw: [Fwd: [Fastboot] [RFC]Explanation of Partial dump 3 (analyzingkernel debug information)]]

Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:

Vara forwarded:

[...] SystemTAP also uses libdwarf and I think SystemTAP is being
shipped with RHEL5. So I hope libdwarf package should already be in.

It's a different libdwarf. The one you are referring to is from; the one we use is a
reimplementation within a larger library called elfutils.

Currently they are using different libdwarf but the idea is to use the same libdwarf that we are using. Roland, responded to me in private saying he is talking to kdump folks in making them use our libdwarf.

(Assuming that systemtap folks have created a separate package and
have not encapsulated the library in system package and linked to it

As it turns out, we use a bundled elfutils for older RHEL builds
and an unbundled (system) elfutils for Fedora builds of systemtap.

I am guessing as far as kdump team is concerned their main focus is RHEL 5 and above hence they should have unbundled libdwarf similar to Fedora available for them to link with.

- FChE

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