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Re: Meeting minutes 20060727

Masami Hiramatsu wrote:

That's good to me.
I had ported most of probing points of LKST to some tapsets against
RHEL4U3. I'll release that code as soon as possible. It'll help you.

I've looked at the probe points in LKST and it should be very easy to implement most of them using SystemTap. Any code you can provide would help.
LKST already has post-processing tools(Lkst Log Tools). "lkstla" is the
core of these tools. Currently, this tool depends on LKST. But, I think
its framework can be adaptable for many kind of traced data.

We are currently focusing a lot on performance enhancements for LKET. One of the things we are currently working on is to have an alternative to gettimeofday. In order to address processors that support frequency scaling, we plan to add an event hook every time there is a frequency change in order correctly tell time in user space. Having the extra event hook is also useful for analysis. Gui Jian is currently working to implement this and his results are encouraging. We still plan to keep gettimeofday as an option for environments such as Xen or Power5 micro-partitioning.

I know you were also playing around with performance enhancement to SystemTap for the purposes of tracing. It would be good to see what you had in mind to see what thing we can come up with to serve both our tracing needs.


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