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[Fwd: Re: Systemtap probe for Signals]


An updated signal tapset from Manoj.

The current process.stp has "probe process.signal_send". So we just leave it alone or move it into the signal.stp?

- Guanglei

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??: 	Re: Systemtap probe for Signals
??: 	Wed, 2 Aug 2006 12:56:00 +0530
???: 	Manoj S Pattabhiraman <>
???: 	Li Guanglei <>


I have updated the signal tapset, with the functions you have asked for.
Since i would not be able to send it to the maillist, please post this

Lemme know your suggestions ..

Regarding the send_signal and send*_sigqueue, i would rather prefer to
leave as it is.

*Thanks & Regards,    Manoj*
Manoj S Pattabhiraman, ADTools, Linux on zSeries, Ph : +91 80 51776449
T/L  92 46951, e-mail:

*Li Guanglei <>* Sent by:

07/28/2006 01:36 PM

	"" <>
	Manoj S Pattabhiraman/India/IBM@IBMIN
	Re: Systemtap probe for Signals


 Beside the probe points in your tapset, I'd like to probe the
following signal related kernel functions:

 1. do_sigpending
    It is used to suspend signals. Called by sys_rt_sigpending and

 2. handle_signal
    It is called when the kernel want to invoke the signal handlers.
Called by do_signal.

 3. do_sigaction
    It is called by sys_sigaction, compat_sys_rt_sigaction,
compat_sys_rt_sigaction, sys_rt_sigaction, sys_signal. It is
corresponding to the signal() and sigaction() calles from use app.

 4. sigprocmask
    It is called by sys_sigprocmask, sys_rt_sigprocmask.

  And I found you put a point on sig_ignored. But I don't think
sig_ignored is used to ignore a signal. It is only used to check
whether or not a signal has been ignored.

  And another comment is about signal.sendsig and
signal.send_sig_queue. The difference between send_signal and
send*sigqueue is that send_signal will alloc a sigqueue before adding
a signal into that queue. But their intention are almost the same:
sending a signal to a process. I am not sure whether we could combine
them into one probe or leave it unchanged.

- Guanglei

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