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Re: Meeting minutes 20060727

Hi Jose,

Jose R. Santos wrote:
> Elena Zannoni wrote:
>> OLS action items: - static probes discussion
>> - standardization of tracing mechanism to happen on systemtap mailing
>> list
> Hi Folks,
> After reviewing the code for both LTTng and LKST it seems like LKET
> shares more similarities with LKST than it does with LTTng (both in
> available trace hooks and general philosophy of the projects).  Another
> key advantage of the LKST projects is that the folks from Hitachi have a
> set of post-processing programs already available.  LTTv on the other
> hand does not seem to have that many useful post-processing plugin.
> I would say that a good starting point would be to get LKET and LKST
> standardize as much as possible since I think they share the most in
> common.
> Comments?

That's good to me.
I had ported most of probing points of LKST to some tapsets against
RHEL4U3. I'll release that code as soon as possible. It'll help you.

LKST already has post-processing tools(Lkst Log Tools). "lkstla" is the
core of these tools. Currently, this tool depends on LKST. But, I think
its framework can be adaptable for many kind of traced data.


2nd Research Dept.
Hitachi, Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory

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