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Re: module("kernel") / inline("function")

Stone, Joshua I wrote:
On Monday, July 31, 2006 1:25 PM, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
joshua.i.stone wrote:

[...]  I believe the current parser treats the kernel as a module
named "kernel".  [...]
I believe it's an elfutils behavior that we just inherited.  I am
ambivalent about whether this is a good idea.

I don't have a strong opinion on this either. One nice thing in treating it this way is that module("*") effectively means "anywhere in the kernel address space". It might be better if it used a name that couldn't be an actual module name -- perhaps "$kernel" or "$vmlinux" or something. But it doesn't seem useful to me to have a way to specify all-modules-but-not-the-kernel, especially when a module on one system might be compiled-in on another system.

Being a newcomer to systemtap, I'm not aware of all the reasoning behind the way it currently works. I can say, though, that from a usability standpoint, having module("*") mean "anywhere in the kernel address space" makes no sense to me, regardless of whether it's useful. It does not produce the expected result. Most users won't realize this is the behavior unless they take the time to look at the resulting C code.

A bit of a side note, I think we should discourage tapsets using module("*") unless they really mean it. The offender that comes to mind is the scsi tapset. I understand that this was done to cover whether CONFIG_SCSI=y or m, but the "optional" syntax would suit this better. Instead it could be 'kernel.function("scsi...")?, module("scsi_mod").function("scsi...")?'. This is more verbose, but by being more explicit we avoid having to read debuginfo for ALL modules.

I agree. I think any tapset or script should explicitly ask for what it wants as opposed to relying on a side effect of module("*"). Brevity can be taken too far.

Just my .02

Mike Mason

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