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Meeting minutes 20060727

As you probably know, we have weekly phone meetings among
the various participants to the systemtap project.

I want to start posting the minutes so that we are a bit more
transparent about the development process, and what we are focusing

RH: Elena, Will, David
Intel: Josh
IBM: Ananth, Hien, Prasanna, Dave, Mike
Hitachi: Satoshi

OLS action items: 
- static probes discussion
- standardization of tracing mechanism to happen on systemtap mailing list
- post weekly minutes to external mailing list

IBM: Check rawhide kernel for utrace ports. Verify that it's there and
that it is a base to start from for the userspace probes.

Will: discovered elfutils problem: make sure it doesn't occur on rhel4 u4.
Perfmon with valgrind.

David: worked on kernel patch that we need to handle modules and
saving stap probes for later. Discussed on internal rh kernel list.
remove duplicate functions and probe points bug: working on that.

Josh: Nothing to report.  Need to test the rawhide kernel with xen and

Satoshi: flight recorder. Masami has a demo, Will saw it. Masami
preparing demo for stap mailing list. Post sometimes this week or next
week.  Markup implementation: Masami has some suggestions he will post
in the next couple of weeks.

kprobes meeting: decided to postpone kprobe booster for preemptible
kernel. Very difficult to implement. Will be discussed on mailing

Ananth: just got back from OLS, looking at user space
probes. Hopefully something about uprobes in the next 2 weeks.

Please somebody check that the s390 kprobes made into rawhide kernel: Dave.

Prasanna: working at watchpoint probes. Looking at utrace as well. Use
ptrace or a new set of uprobes interfaces.

Andy Whitcroft from IBM UK: started using systemtap, should we invite him
to a call. He has some feedback.

Rh bugzilla: 197220.
Problems with creating kernel modules. Keep an eye on it.

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