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RE: prototype ext3 tapset

Hi Jose,

I will work with Tom to review io.stp and ioblock.stp and see if we can
merge them.



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[] On Behalf Of Jose R. Santos
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 1:28 PM
To: Tom Zanussi
Subject: Re: prototype ext3 tapset

Hi Tom,

It looks good overall. It seems that io.stp is equivalent in purpose to 
ioblock.stp (which is already in SystemTap) and they should be merge 
into a single tapset.  We will look into adding trace hooks into LKET 
using this tapset as a preview of what to expect.

As far as the scripts go.  I like the idea of the iotop.stp but its 
current output is of little use to me.  I would like to see something 
like this:

Process                   Total Bytes (Read/Write)
--------------                --------------------------
kjournald[779]        3522560 (0/3522560)
                               /dev/sda   1761280 (0/1761280)  svctm 2.2
                                /dev/sdb   1761280 (0/1761280) svctm 5.3

Were we split the total ios between all the disk being written to as 
well as getting the average service time of the IO that a certain 
process is doing to each disk.  I've been involved in several situations

were getting this type of information would have been of great help in 
analyzing a problem.  I had plans to create an LKET post-processing 
program for analyzing this sort of data, but this is a common enough 
problem that having separate systemtap script would also be a good 
alternative when a full system trace is not required.


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