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Re: [NFS] [ltc-perf] draft of nfs event hook

Have you done this with a local file system? I assume yes, and that you just described the general approach you have taken with other file systems. I think getting the same kind of data and trace points from the NFS client as you added to local file systems would be good.

Capturing VFS and address space entry points is definitely useful and
is similar to local file systems.  At the bottom of the NFS client is
the RPC client, and it acts just like the block I/O layer does for
local file systems.  Would you consider adding trace points in the
LKET for the RPC client and server?

What I didn't list about NFS operations includes authentication, NFSv4 callback and RPC(I prefer to use a separate set of trace hooks for RPC). I am not sure if these operations are also required to be traced. If I missed some important functions or I listed some redundant functions, please feel free to let me know. Any comments will be highly appreciated.

I didn't list RPC here because I think RPC is not only used by NFS and I need another set of RPC trace hooks to address the RPC server and client side operations. That will be my plan of the next set of trace hooks.

- Guanglei

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