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Re: Use of -Wextra

Andy Whitcroft <> writes:

> It seems that elfutils and systemtap are using gcc flag -Wextra.  This
> does not seem to work with gcc-3.3.4.  Some of the compiler -Wfoo
> flags seem to be conditional, presumably from configure's rummages but
> this flag seems to be mixed in with -Wunused and its check.
> I have not been able to find a statement of compiler version
> requirements, indeed in places in the code there seem to be support
> for older versions back to gcc2 so I suspect this is supposed to be
> optional in some sense?
> Recommendations?
> -apw

-Wextra is documented since at least 3.4.6, as follows:

     (This option used to be called `-W'.  The older name is still
     supported, but the newer name is more descriptive.)  Print extra
     warning messages for these events:

I simply continue to use -W for my own code.  Sure, it could go away
some day, but I try not to worry about things that could happen some
day and will be easy to fix then, when there's plenty happening today.

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