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Re: new systemtapgui release available

Keshavamurthy, Anil S wrote:
Do you know if this systemtapgui supports Itanium i.e IA-64 ?
While I have not tested it, I am pretty sure that none of the binaries will work with IA-64. However, if you want to download eclipse and the systemtapgui source, I can guide you through the process of building a binary for IA-64.

1. Download Eclipse 3.1.2 (
While Eclipse 3.2 is out, there are a few bugs with its Toolbar that are still being addressed
2. Download SystemTapGUI source (
3. Extract the Eclipse archive.
4. Open Eclipse
5. Import the SystemTapGUI Source
A. Click File->Import
B. Select Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next
C. Select Archive file and browse to the location you downloaded SystemTapGUI
D. Click Finish
6. Create a *.product file for IA64
A. Open up the plugin.
B. Copy and paste one of the existing *.product files into the same directory giving it a name that reflects that it is for IA64
C. Open the new *.product file and click the Configuration tab
D. Click Remove All
E. Click Add and select all of the plugins included in the binary. (everything starting with
F. Click Add Required Plugins
7. Build the new binary
A. Click on the Overview tab
B. Under Exporting click Eclipse Product Export Wizard
C. Specify a directory to contain the files
D. Make sure Export Destination is set to directory and choose where on your system you want the application built
E. Change both source compatibility and .class compatibility to 1.4
F. Click finish
8. Open the directory you build SystemTapGUI in and run systemtapgui

Once you have the working IA64 product file, feel free to check it into subversion or email it to me so others can use it too.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Ryan Morse
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 9:36 AM
Subject: new systemtapgui release available

A new weekly release of systemtapgui is available.

Added support for filtering datasets
Added support for PPC and AMD64
Expanded IDE Documentation
Fixed a number of bugs

Ryan Morse
IBM Linux Technology Center
Phone: 503-578-4120


Ryan Morse
IBM Linux Technology Center
Phone: 503-578-4120

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