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Re: Preemption-safe kprobe-booster(Re: [PATCH]kprobe booster for IA64)

On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 03:22:37PM +0900, Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
> Hi, Anil
> > Thank you for the advice!
> > I hadn't realized it. Now, I verified it and had some ideas.
> > The problem comes from reusing the insn buffer, because
> > there might be some processes sleeping on the buffer.
> > So, I think we can avoid this problem as below:
> > First, we disable a kprobe (remove the break). Next,
> > wait until all preempted processes are waken up. And Last,
No, you can't wait until all preempted process are waken up.
Say for example, i have thread that is sleeping indefinitely
waiting on some signal or waiting on some inter-process message
or some thing like that. This thread will never ever get a chance to
run during the life-time(up time) of the system. Then your logic
of waiting until all process are waken up will not work.

> > For this purpose, I'd like to use stop_machine_run().
> I and Oshima-san found that stop_machine_run() was not enough
> to ensure safety. Instead of that, we focused on synchronize_sched().

You are correct, stop_machine_run() will not help you here.

> As far as we know, this function waits until all processes
> are expired. And any preempted processes can't be expired, only
> the processes who are scheduled by itself are expired.
> This means these processes already left from kprobe's slots.
> So, after that, we can release/reuse these slots safely.
I am not sure about the behavior of the synchronized_sched() for
preemptable kernels. When you say this function waits until
all processes are expired, can this mean that process'es alloted time
slot expired and hence it is scheduled out. If this is true,
then it could very well happen that when we finish executing 
the original instruction in the booster buffer and just before
jumping back to original code sequence, this process time slot
can get expired and can be scheduled out and synchronize_sched() 
returns and you try to reuse the buffer :(
Please confirm the behavior of synchroniz_sched() before going
ahead and implementing the code.


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