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Re: new systemtapgui release available

Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
Ryan Morse <> writes:

A new weekly release of the systemtapgui is available.

If build instructions are somewhere in the packages, could you point them out? If they aren't, please assemble some for us old-schoolers. :-)

- FChE
There are build instructions contained in both releases, located in 'Documentation\readme.htm'. We are working on moving everything in the documentation folder onto the website for easier access. So you don't have to go look for it, I have included the instructions below.


SystemTap GUI is packaged as a stand-alone Java application. You may download and build the source yourself or download a prebuilt version.
NOTE: Installation assumes you already have both Java and SystemTap installed.

A. From Source

1. Download Eclipse
2. Download the source tarball
3. Untar Eclipse
4. tar -xzvf eclipse-SDK-3.1.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz Import the project
into Eclipse
Select File->Import
Select 'Archive' Click 'Next'
Browse to the directory you downloaded the SystemTapGUI tarball to
Choose a location to import to
5. Click finish Export the project
Open up the plugin Open the
systemtapGUI.product file Click on Eclipse Product Export Wizard
under Overview/Exporting Choose Directory for export destination
6. Make sure compiler options are set to Java 1.4 Click finish Run
the project
Locate the exported files and click the SystemTapGUI icon.

B. From Prebuild Tarball

1. Download the binary tarball
2. Untar the build
3. tar -xzvf stapgui.tgz Run the application
Open the systemtapGUI folder and double click the SystemTapGUI file

Ryan Morse
IBM Linux Technology Center
Phone: 503-578-4120

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