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Re: SystemTap GUI

-- Nathan Correspondence --------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathan DeBardeleben, Ph.D. Los Alamos National Laboratory Parallel Tools Team High Performance Computing Environments phone: 505-667-3428 email: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Ryan Morse wrote:
We recently posted the code for the Systemtap GUI on Souceforge under an EPL license.

There are two different versions of the code, a pre-built version or a source version. The pre-built version, while larger, contains everything needed and ready to run. The source version requires eclipse to build it into an executable. There are instructions for building both versions contained in the tarballs in the documentation folder.

Currently the GUI has two perspectives. A working IDE Perspective to ease users in creating scripts. As well as a Graphics Perspective that generates graphs from running scripts. A full feature list is included in the readme file. We also are aware of some bugs (listed in the readme) that we are working on.

Please take a look and provide any comments and suggestions. If you have any questions, please send me an email.


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