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[SCM] systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool annotated tag, release-1.4, created. release-1.4

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool".

The annotated tag, release-1.4 has been created
        at  a4bf68b41f926774b746f9598e86b0f710dce5ad (tag)
   tagging  c36cb86acfa2405b2bfe582a2411999391e98d76 (commit)
  replaces  release-1.3
 tagged by  Frank Ch. Eigler
        on  Mon Jan 17 07:07:45 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
release 1.4
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Adrien Kunysz (2):
      improve error message for startup-time global-var allocation failure
      Remove unfinished sentence from stap.1

Dave Brolley (52):
      PR 11441, PR 10772: Support specified servers on --use-server option to stap.
      PR 11441: Implement --list-servers=specified.
      Don't check signing certificate database integrity unless we're actually going to verify a signature.
      PR 11441: Implement resolving/querying of trusted servers (SSL) and trusted signing servers.
      Ensure that the server's certificate is in place before attempting to get it's serial number.
      create_dir: create path components if they do not exist.
      PR 11441: Implement integrated server cert management in stap.
      PR 11441: Allow specification of servers by certificate serial number.
      PR 11441: Cleanup of integrated compile-server/cert management.
      PR 11441: More cleanup
      PR 11441 - Additional update to stap.1 and NEWS entry for new integrated client features.
      PR 11441: Ensure that the integrated client compiles without NSS and/or AVAHI.
      Associate localhost.localdomain with generated compile-server certificates.
      Deprecate old compile-server client and tools.
      Elaborate on the use of the --use-server option of stap.
      PR 10922: Firewall hint improvement.
      PR 11905: Take more care with stap-server config files.
      PR11442 - Running tests installed by systemtap-testsuite rpm as root.
      Correct location of stap-gen-cert.
      Suppress stdout output of stap-authorize-cert.
      Allow STAP_USER to be set in the calling environment.
      Handle missing and empty client side certificate databases.
      Correct recent change for finding the server cert database in stap-sign-module.
      PR 11922: Restrict compile-server client attempts to resolve server hosts.
      Correct use of setup_kfail vs setup_xfail.
      Add 'no-prompt' to the --trust-servers option to bypass prompting the user for confirmation.
      Miscellaneous improvements.
      New test suite for the integrated compile-server client.
      Ensure that stap compiles when NSS is not available.
      Make sure the 'module_name' variable is instantiated in all paths.
      PR 11922: Allow specification of alternate DNS names on the generated certificate.
      Translate transmission/reception of the expected package size to/from network byte order.
      PR 11922: Still need to resolve host names discovered using avahi.
      PR 11442: Tests for adding/revoking trust as a module signer.
      Restore legacy domain (localhost) in server cert for stap-client.
      Improved handling of uprobes.ko by compile-server and client.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Updated news regarding uprobes.ko and the compile-server/client.
      PR 10922: Client/Server Testsuite problems when avahi (mDNS) is bkocked by the firewall.
      PR 11197: Elaborate on security prophylactic settings for stap-server.
      PR 11906: Include the user running each server in the status output.
      PR 11906: stap-server prints more info about each server acted upon.
      Don't use /tmp as an arbitrary argument for -I or -R when testing.
      PR 11922: Allow ip address as host name to match ip address in server certificate.
      Free the URL of the ssl socket when finished with it.
      PR 11922: Disable checking of DNS names on compile-server certificates.
      PR12172: make unprivileged mode default under certain conditions.
      PR11203: Provide default init functions for stap-server.
      PR11203: Provide default init functions for initscript/systemtap.
      PR 10657 - semi-unprivileged tapset embedded-C functions.
      PR 10657: Document changes in NEWS and in stap.1.

David Smith (42):
      Fix compilation when HAVE_NSS isn't defined.
      Instead of ifdef'ing out resolve_server(), add needed headers.
      Bump version numbers for the next release.
      Many small tapset/syscalls.stp fixups. Deprecate misnamed vars. Added testcase.
      Clarify deprecation descriptions in NEWS.
      nd_syscalls.stp/nd_syscalls2.stp fixups and deprecations. Added testcases.
      BZ607232: Fixed 'service systemtap restart' and added required commands.
      Updated stap_get_arch().
      Updated stap-server config comment.
      Initialize variable to avoid compiler error.
      Made arch-specific syscalls probe fixups and deprecations.  New testcase.
      Added 'stap-merge' to runtime files section.
      Fixed PR11940 by getting scripts w/global variables to compile on 2.6.36.
      Replaced obsolete index/rindex functions with strchr/strrchr.
      Fixed BZ634242 by always looking up pids in the global namespace.
      Make syscall.mmap32 provide same convenience variables as syscall.mmap.
      Small kprobes_test updates.
      Updated syscall coverage script.
      Fixed BZ634242 for older kernels.
      Added dtrace testcases for clone, fork/exec, and vfork/exec.
      In the syscall.*utime probes, get values directly.
      Run clone/fork/vfork tests with and without semaphores.
      Improve handling of vfork'ed processes.
      Improve handling of vfork'ed processes for uprobes version 1.
      Improved fork/vfork tests for RHEL5.
      Updated memory.stp, rpc.stp, task.stp, and vfs.stp for 2.6.36.
      Updated stapusr/stapdev requirements in stap.1.
      Fixed BZ624657 by fixing timing issues in the initscript.
      Fixed possible string buffer overruns in several embedded-C functions.
      Audit possible string buffer overruns.
      Fix 'retstr' in sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client.return.
      Fixed 11794 by replacing returnstr() calls with return_str() when possible.
      Fixed PR 12314 by correctly including linux/inotify.h.
      Fix RHEL5 (older gcc) compile problem.
      Fix user memory access on s390x.
      Fixed PR12330 by changing tapset/tty.stp to avoid ppc64 compile problem.
      Fix RHEL4 compile problem in runtime/staprun/staprun.c.
      Fix s390 stack size problem.
      Fix PR11388 by handling syscall.mmap changes for 2.6.33+ kernels.
      2010-12-20  David Smith  <>
      Make syscall.nfsservctl* tests optional for kernel
      Fixed PR12338 by updating softirq.entry/softirq.exit probes for 2.6.37+.

Don Domingo (1):
      added Feedback.xml file

Erick Tryzelaar (3):
      Rewrite pfiles to check return values
      Factor out d_path printing for any dentry.
      __dentry_prepend should not always add trailing '/'

Frank Ch. Eigler (93):
      PR7097: in flight-recorder-launch mode, don't open the stapio output files early
      examples: include the sample/test invocation with the description blurbs
      add utrace blurb
      arm: fix typo in __stp_stack_print
      bump AUTHORS
      respond quickly to ^C for long statement wildcard loops
      add dates to release stanzas
      PR11800: document that stap -l / -L takes only a single probe point
      PR11798: abort 'make *check' early if kernel-devel / -debuginfo absent
      PR9928: note old elfutils for old gcc
      PR10975: deprecate cpuid() tapset fn in favour of cpu()
      PR7054: robustify stap -c "  " a bit
      PR11949: duplicate-eliminate tapset files
      releng: use staprun's new configury only
      PR4037: kernel-matching -m32 or -m64 not needed for staprun
      releng: staprun Makefile should use -Dfoo CPPFLAGS instead of AC_SUBST*
      releng: staprun is build with -DSINGLE_THREADED to avoid -lpthread dependence
      PR11982: debian build compatibility for their elfutils hacks
      releng: make build-compatible with old elfutils
      releng: rough-in support for linking with GOLD
      whitespace tweak
      PR10812: undo +20 build-id address offsetting
      PR10812: activate build-id relocation code only for module("...")
      build fix: gcc 3.4 on ia64 vs gcc PR21838
      PR10745: access hidden kernel tracepoints
      PR10745: access hidden kernel tracepoints
      PR10745: automate kernel source_tree finding with stap -r /PATH/
      PR10745 NEWS blurbage
      rpm-finder: produce suppressible WARNINGs instead of direct cerr messages.
      add blurb explaining limited mode of isglob()/isdoubleglob()
      PR6456: support wildcards in process("/bin/*") probes
      NEWS: mention process("*") wildcards; tighten up other text
      PR6456: documentation
      PR6456: use an "any" interpretation for process-wildcard probe matches
      PR6456: NEWS blurb tweak
      docs: slightly separate utrace vs uprobes based user-space probes
      valgrind cleanups: memory leaks, uninit variable warnings
      valgrind: fix double-free
      tracepoints: restore access to include/trace/event/* points w/o debuginfo
      git-version: use git status --porcelain to detect tree dirtiness
      Revert "git-version: use git status --porcelain to detect tree dirtiness"
      PR12169: avoid unprivileged use of tokenize() until fixed
      PR12169: fix tokenize()
      PR11376: a quickie test case for process(PID).statement(NUM).absolute
      PR11376: reinforce doc blurbage for process(PID).statement(ADDR).absolute
      fix memory double-free in module_cache
      building: add placeholder for "make -j<N>" runs to build substuff
      PR12195: pass user-space timezone at script startup
      tweak tz_ctime() parametrization to satisfy kerneldoc
      fix -DDEBUG_UNWIND compile warning via printf %ld & casting
      PR11811 prep: save full mmpath for found vmas
      PR12168: extend staprun with -w (suppress warnings) option.
      PR12168: eliminate duplicate run-time warning messages
      fix accidental prefix '/' in abbreviated module name in backtraces
      PR11811: warn on missing unwind info with 'stap -d FOO'
      PR11811: news blurbage
      runtime: bump up module/symbol name length limits
      regen misc.'s due to earlier addition of support_section_question
      releng: tweak build ordering to get code first, docs last
      runtime: tolerate overlong section/symbol names better
      tapset: add buildok test for inode_name()
      CVE-2010-4170, CVE-2010-4171: staprun module loading/unloading security fixes
      testsuite: unembed test sources
      compat: adapt to old kernels' dislike of 'bool' type in runtime code
      releng: workaround for more rhel6 module-signing nits
      testing: add new script to generate   kernel.function("*")  equivalent module
      work around rhel6 module signing nits in this builder script too
      PR12254: make ioblock.* probes tolerate 0-byte I/O (e.g. blkdev_issue_flush)
      Revert "PR12254: make ioblock.* probes tolerate 0-byte I/O (e.g. blkdev_issue_flush)"
      build: don't include a <linux/version.h> in userspace builds
      testsuite: fragment buildid.exp test driver, fixing objdir!=srcdir case
      rhbz656699: use %ghost for /var/run/{systemtap,stap-server}
      PR10651 / RHBZ653286: mod_timer vs. del_timer_sync races
      PR12141: mention in README the elfutils release that fixes problem
      runtime: let staprun -d identify itself differently in task->comm
      PR12309 part 1, use atomic_t for delayed_work state signaling
      PR12309 part 2: ditch delayed_work for timers
      tweak stapprobes blurb for .function -vs- .statement probes
      tweak wording/suppressibility of .function/.statement warning
      PR12172: make implied --unprivileged --use-server emit messages only if verbose
      testsuite: accept post-PR11736 hit-count message
      pfiles test: adapt to upstream kernel commit 53c3fa206
      compatibility: perf_event.h updates for kernel 2.6.37
      PR12168: fix testcase to unsuppress warnings
      year bump
      tapset compat: irq tracepoints to use @cast() for $action
      NEWS: tweak --remote blurb wording
      PR12115: defeat uninitialized-variable warning
      PR12115: defeat uninitialized-variable warnings
      NEWS: sdt.h v3
      PR12399: make sdt.h semaphores visibility("hidden")
      README: build instructions suggest elfutils version 0.151
      datestamp release

Grant Edwards (1):
      PR11963: avoid using scanf %as

Jeff Moyer (1):
      tapset: new inode_name tapset function

Jim Keniston (1):
      PR11376: fix generated probe definition struct for process(PID).statement(ADDR).absolute*

Josh Stone (84):
      loc2c-test: NULL-terminate argp_children
      sprint_ubacktrace() is pure and stringy
      sprint_backtrace() is pure and stringy
      sprint_stack() and sprint_ustack() are pure
      Ignore empty files in the cache
      PR11880: Allow function matching on the MIPS_linkage_name
      Support DWARF4 linkage names
      Simplify dwfl_assert and dwarf_assert
      PR11911: Include in -L vars which are partially available
      Resolve statement scopes lexically instead of by raw PC
      List variables from containing scopes too
      Include variables from containing scopes in $$vars too
      Print nicer placeholders for aggregates in $$vars et al.
      Add shebang to buildok/syscalls-arch-detailed.stp
      Support a slight 32/64-bit difference in semok/mangled.stp
      Kill a stray paren in examples/io/inodewatch2.stp
      Relax inner_die_containing_pc's initial check
      Print a warning for labels outside their scope
      Move run-staprun into runtime/staprun/
      Include runtime/staprun in top-level builds
      Enable AM_SILENT_RULES for runtime/staprun/
      Remove systemtap_session::printscript
      Reduce uniq_list to a single pass
      Fix SDTv2 with separate debuginfo
      STP_TIMING indent/whitespace cleanup
      Simplify the '?' removal for STP_TIMING
      Allow de-duping in spite of STP_TIMING
      Remove the derived_probe ctor lacking a probe_point
      Standardize how derived_probes dupe their location
      Improve the derivation output of STP_TIMING
      Centralize stap_probe, and make STP_TIMING data-driven
      Replace kretprobe->entry_ph with a full stap_probe
      PR12081: Name procfs buffers based on a local index
      PR11739: Add an STP_ALIBI flag
      PR12121: distinguish struct/typedef homonyms
      Add a 0-arg test to sdt.exp
      PR12137: Separate the .stapsdt.base logic from probe asm
      Build SDT's derived_loc more precisely
      A few further pfiles tweaks
      Build test for task_dentry_path
      AUTHORS bump
      Reduce hash.h to just "export" functions
      Don't treat hashed numbers like strings
      Split the hash.log with newlines instead of commas
      Rename hash::add_file to add_path and use it for directories
      Improve gettimeofday stability
      uprobes: Fix post_ssout handling of "rep ret" on x86
      uprobes_i386: backport check_legacy_prefix from uprobes2
      Test that uprobes supports "rep ret"
      PR10821: Remove large stack variables from the unwinder
      Add make targets "uprobes" and "install-uprobes"
      Make pfiles kneel before the frame-size overlord
      Make the arg of dwflpp::function_scope_matches a reference
      PR12164: Emit kprobes-sdt goo only when needed
      uprobes: Clean up after vfork-exec
      PR11735: Hash unwindsym_modules as full paths
      PR11735: Hash ldd/vdso unwindsym_modules too
      Add a fallback for kernels not exporting add_timer_on
      Use output_exportconf for finding tsc_khz
      Make sure we all use the same systemtap_session
      Remove dead code from systemtap_session
      Don't autoconf systemtap_session::NSPR_Initialized
      sdt_types: add a PASS statement for bitfields_small_var
      sdt_types: Use direct array args rather than &array when possible
      Cast the proper sign and size of SDT register args
      Cast the proper sign and size of SDT constant args
      sdt_types: remove manual type-casting
      Make lex_cast work numerically with [u]int8_t
      if we say sdt_types is untested, then don't test it...
      PR12138: Convert the user_int functions to kread
      Adapt to old kernels lacking asm/tsc.h
      Add configure --disable-sdt-probes
      Split user_int64 in two on i386
      PR12115: Early support for remote execution
      PR12115: Give remote-ssh a tty, and quiet status messages
      PR12115: Prepare utils for multiple inferiors
      PR12115: New support for multiple remote targets
      Merge branch 'master' into remote
      PR12115: Document --remote in NEWS, stap.1, and --help
      Disable auto-unpriv when --remote is used
      Fix paragraph indentation of ssl options
      Fix for undefined STAPCONF_PERF_STRUCTPID
      AUTHORS bump
      Fix myproc-unprivileged in embedded_expr

Kapileshwar Singh (KP) (1):
      PR11861: tolerate null struct bio->bi_vcnt in __bio_ino tapset fn

Lukas Berk (7):
      added a test for the procfs umask functionality, ensuring expected
      PR 11369, due to performance issues stap_merge.c is being shipped
      PR11736 modified the -t option to display information based on
      pr 11554 further documentation to the SYSTEMTAP_DEBUGINFO_PATH; where it looks for vmlinux, how to set it, and more information about debuginfo for user-space applications.
      pr11564 use the --with-rpm flag to detect a missing or wrong version kernel-devel package in addition to the kernel-debuginfo.
      Two documentation fixes from previous commits
      PR11756 - adding warnings for deprecated declarations

Mark Wielaard (12):
      Add dieoffset to missing location error messages.
      Include top-level includes dir in AM_CFLAGS for staprun sys/sdt.h usage.
      Validate backtrace addresses.
      Guard location_from_attr declaration and function with elfutils 0.149 check.
      Add note to ubacktrace* context functions about -d and --ldd stap switches.
      PR12124 Emit warnings for bad unwind data encountered at runtime.
      Document TASK_FINDER_VMA_ENTRY_ITEMS in stap man page.
      Mention TASK_FINDER_VMA_ENTRY_ITEMS if stap_add_vma_map_info returns -ENOMEM.
      Don't unnecessarily add extra $test.exe files to /tmp.
      Define srcdir as global in start_server systemtap.exp testsuite helper.
      PR12176 String literal at end of file crashes parser.
      task_backtrace should return addresses separated by spaces.

Przemyslaw Pawelczyk (1):
      Add warning for supposedly line-oriented .function() probes.

Roland McGrath (26):
      * loc2c-test.c: Add --help output.
      Make 'make check LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...' work right.
      Add runcheck target to do full tests without install, using run-stap
      Extend const_value test case to cover arrays.
      Extend vta-test case to cover arrays.
      loc2c: Handle arrays of computed values
      loc2c: Diagnose index into noncontiguous array whose pieces are too small
      staprun: Avoid type-punning casts.
      staprun: Avoid need for -I$(top_srcdir)
      Give staprun/stapio/stap-merge a standalone configure and makefile
      staprun: Clean up kallsyms _stext parsing.
      loc2c internal reorganization and DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer handling
      Test case for DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer support
      Add configury for using .section "?" in sdt.h
      Move old sys/sdt.h to sdt-compat.h for translator use
      Replace <sys/sdt.h> macros with new ones generating notes, usable in asm
      Make sdt-compat.h play nice with new sys/sdt.h
      Clean up test compilations using sys/sdt.h, test new and old variants
      PR 11898 (partial): skeleton CFI expression support
      PR 11898: complete CFI expression support
      Fix runcheck for dtrace cases
      Fix runcheck for dtrace cases
      Fix last commit.
      PR12139: test case for pointer to an incomplete type in probe argument
      PR12139: revamp sys/sdt.h macros' argument handling
      Rejigger sdt.h macros for more nit cases.

Stan Cox (40):
      powerpc needs sdt.h tests built with -g as a fallback option.
      Support -L for nodebuginfo sdt.
      Follow the Python style guide (11691)
      Fix sdt_misc.exp cleanup_handler
      Revert accidental commit of twenty.stp.
      Add dwarf support for use by sdt.h v3.
      Use common handler for sdt.h v2/v3 and change sdt.h v2 to use it.
      Add translator support for the forthcoming v3 sdt.h.
      Add translator support for version 3 sdt.h
      Handle finding includes with -isystem.
      Let runtime/staprun find sdt-config.h.
      Fix rhel4 build problem.
      Disambiguate asm operand parsing for v3 sdt.h
      Power/x86 v3 sdt.h interoperability.
      ia64 v3 sdt.h interoperability.
      Standardize v3 sdt.h arg template.
      Add v3 sdt.h awareness to scripts/probe_perf.
      Test probe performance with taskset.
      Bump xulrunner.exp to 1.9.2rc1
      Escape backslash to push through tcl.
      Add guard for unsupported sdt architectures.
      Support s390 sdt asm arguments.
      Document sdt asm operand syntax.
      Include module containing sdt probes in list that dump_unwindsyms will handle.
      Add build id support for user modules.
      Test user mode build id checking.
      Keep running buildid.exp if a test fails.
      Add user_{int8,int16,uint16,int32,uint32,int64}.
      Test sdt_types.c with various gcc options.
      Test sdt_types.c with c++.
      Add user_{int8,int16,uint16,int32,uint32,int64}.
      Support x86 1 byte and 2 byte registers.
      Fix sdt probe arg qi/si fetching on 386
      Compare sdt probe args as is.
      Improve 386 precision op handling.
      Clear semaphore when stap_uprobe slot is released.
      Conditionalize sdt tests resulting in templates with anonymous types.
      Parenthesize probe arguments properly.
      Inelegant workaround for systemtap.apps mysql.exp's use of min/max
      Integrate sdt-compat.h into testsuite sdt.h

Timo Juhani Lindfors (1):
      examples: Print PID of peer for unix sockets

Tony Jones (1):
      PR10812: relocate module build-id

Wenji Huang (1):
      Remove redundant parameters of catch command in lib/systemtap.exp

William Cohen (69):
      Correct error in 4.3.1. Counting Function Calls Made
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Clean up the inodewatch-simple.stp to just be inodewatch.stp
      Move inodewatch.stp into the examples
      Use the para-callgraph.stp example in the examples in the beginner's guide
      Move inodewatch2.stp from the beginner's guide into the examples
      Remove unused traceio2-simple.stp.
      Make the beginner's guide use the iotime.stp example
      Minimize manual white space for <programlisting> and <screen>
      Remove stray '^M' from the xml files.
      Remove stray whitespace at the end of lines
      Minimize difference between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Flavors of Manual
      Bump version for SystemTap Beginner's guide.
      Introduction for SystemTap Beginner's Guide edits
      Simplify the installation of the needed rpm packages
      Correct the description of -c option
      Update inodewatch2.stp to work with newer kernel
      Correct the example man pages for "man stapprobes"
      Add pointer to SystemTap Tapset Reference Manual to References Chapter
      Revise futexes.stp example text.
      Clean up the timeout.stp and topsys.stp example text
      Allow dropwatch to output function name directly and clean formatting
      Update the dropwatch.stp beginner's manual text to match the current script.
      Clarify description of --all-modules optoin in stap manpage
      Local definitions of NIPQUAD and NIPQUAD_FMT when required (PR11951)
      Use <linux/blk_types.h> and REQ_WRITE for 2.6.36 and newer kernels
      Updated latencytap.stp
      Use decimal output for automatic printing of global aggregates
      Improved latencytap.stp
      Additional causes for latencytap.stp
      PR12035 - staprun fails to build on ia64
      Add description for latencytap.stp
      Fix thread_ident typos.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add Chapter about user-space probing to the Beginner's guide.
      Add information about uprobe module in beginners guide
      Add comment to latencytap.stp on where the translations came from.
      Edits to the User-space chapter.
      Redistribute the Target Variable information
      Add errno.stp to the tapset documentation
      Add conversions-guru.stp to tapset manual
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add ucontext.stp to the tapset reference manual
      Add irq.stp to Tapset Reference manual
      Minor edits to ucontext.stp documentation comment.
      Add the indent.stp to the Tapset reference manual.
      Add the scheduler.stp to the Tapset Reference manual.
      Increase environment limits to allow Tapset Reference manual to build.
      Add stap_staticmarkers.stp to SystemTap tapset reference manual.
      Add the *mib.stp tapsets to the SystemTap Tapset reference manual
      Add the queue_stat.stp tapset to the Tapset reference manual.
      Remove the "General Syntax:" lines from ansi.stp
      Edit the tapset documentation for context.stp
      Edit the tapset documentation for context-symbols.stp
      Edit the tapset documentation for context-unwind.stp
      Edit the tapset documentation for conversions-guru.stp
      Edit the tapset documentation for conversions.stp
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Edit tapset documentation comments
      Update copyright information in Tapset Reference Manual.
      Add information about user-space stack backtrace to Beginners Guide.
      Add description of @cast operator to beginners guide.
      State which version systemtap @cast available in.
      Move casting example in Beginners guide to extra/cast_example.stp
      A discussion about @defined to SystemTap Beginners Guide.
      Remove abusive use of monospace in langref.pdf
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add information about pretty printing the the SystemTap Beginners guide.
      Editing the Beginner's guide section on target variables.

rho (1):
      Validuate -G & -m suer input by calling assert_regexp_match(). (6):
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      testcase for 12099 - test script interpreter resolution
      Bug 12099 - resolve script interpreters
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      handle #!/usr/bin/env


systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool

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