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Re: Trouble adding additional CPU support

Steve Woloschek wrote:
I have written a new processor description with cgen and I am trying to
update sid to incorporate the new processor.

I have perused the configure.* and Makefile.* files to understand what
changes I need to make in order have the new processor built.
Unfortunately I am not an expert in autoconf and automake and every time
I attempt to rebuild the configure/Makefiles I run into multiple issues.

1) I am not entirely sure which configure.* and Makefile.* need to be
updated to add a new processor.
2) Lack of understanding how to rebuild configure scripts and Makefiles
When creating a new port, I generally pick an existing one that has similar capabilities and clone it. That is, I find every instance where it is mentioned in a file or a file name and copy the file/code while changing only the name of the port. You end up with a new port for your architecture which behaves like the port you cloned. I then rip out the guts of the cloned code and replace with the details of my new processor.
When trying to rebuild configure scripts and Makefiles it appears there
is a restriction and/or assumption on the particular version of the
tools that required.
I usually look at the head of the file I'm trying to re-generate to see which version of the tool was used. I'm generally able to find the version I need using a simple google search.

Note when cloning a port it can be very tedious to update generated files manually. The auto-tools are definitely your friend here (once you have the correct versions). I start at the root of the sid source tree and run aclocal/autoconf/automake and then look to see which subdirectories did not get updated. If there are any, I go there and repeat the process.
It would be very nice if I could use the latest versions of these
utilities to build. U just need the recipe to regenerate the proper
files to build.
I guess that would be up to higher powers than I to decide. If you are successful in using a later version of any tool, you should let us know what changes (if any) were needed.

I hope this helps,

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