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Re: Building SID

On 2/26/07, Frank Ch. Eigler <> wrote:
Hi -

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 08:37:41PM +0100, Michael Ambrus wrote:
> I'm new to sid and I'm having some problems building the project from
> CVS sources.


Thanx :)

> My first attempt was with a cross-compiler which worked. except that > the I couldn't get the simulation to work properly (when setting CPU > registers in the simulated code and then queried the same with GDB, > the registers would still have the value 0).

Are you sure you had gdb connected properly (target remote ...) and
all?  Which target?

Pretty much. The target tried was i386-hixs-elf (hixs is a layer that replaces the syscalls with "hooked" versions - i.e. function pointers). I haven't worked with x86 for years, so it might be me forgetting something (protected mode stuff?).

I just swapped the target from an existing PowerPC set-up because I'm
currently in an area not strictly architecture dependant and I needed
something faster than the remote GDB box I'm currently using.

> I thought if not setting --target, it would make it work better.

Actually, that should not improve this situation.

yes, I figured that too.

> The documentation says that if --target is not set, sid will try to > build all the available CPU's.

That's correct.

> What I'm not clear about is if one needs a cross compilers or not, and
> in the case one does - would that be for every possible CPU sid
> supports?

No, we don't run cross-compilers during a sid build.  Only in order to
build programs that run on the various cpu models would one need them.


> [...]
> A list of supported main architectures would be helpful.

See the sid/components/CATALOG file.

OK, thanx.

> Hers comes the lines where the build breaks:
> make[4]: *** No rule to make target `sh64-elf-sid', needed by `all-am'.
> The ChangeLog mentions  'sh-elf-sid,sh5-elf-sid,sh64-elf-sid: New
> files' so I'm guessing the files were just not committed yet.

That's probably right, it must be an oversight.

- FChE


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