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SID Comparisons

Hi, I'm a graduate student in a university in South Korea and my
current asignment is to compare SID with other simulators such as
Virtio, SimOS, ProEmulator, etc. Even though i have some experience
with SID (had struggled to compile it on CygWin and had made simple
components in C and Tcl), i have no experience with those other
simulators. Honestly, i am quite new with this kind of world. My major
is computer science and i have never touched any real boards or
simulators before i met SID. In fact, it took me a while to understand
what the so called board is (dictionary didnt help).

I need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of SID, what
is its unique features, how well does it performs and so on. I have
tried to search but there are very few documents/articles about SID
and not to mention that the name SID "googled" to many different kind
of unrelated stuffs which renders my searchs really ineffective.

So, i was wondering if i could get some comments, insights, clues,
references, google search keywords or anything from the experts of
this forum. Thanks in advance.

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