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Re: how to build an toolchain like arm-elf-sid?

thanks for ur help.

I'm so sad that maybe ur repply sentenses my project--at least my early work--to death. What we plan to do is to design an new CPU architecture based on the DSP architecture, and we wish the CGEN & SID would help us to simulator ur design (including the ISA),before the real CPUis designed. So, we spent a lot of time on CGEN & SID. Limited by our knowledge on GNU, the work goes on slowly. Now it seems that our goal can not be achieved. :-(
However, could we join u to develop the gcc? I mean, updating gcc and porting gcc to our target new CPU, so we can get a cross--complier, maybe we could write an RTL description for our target CPU. If so, what should we do and how to do?

thanks for all ur help.

well, based on the cpu type, u need to build cross compilers
for it.for eg: if ur cpu=arm, then u need to build arm gnu tools, likewise
for cpu=m68k , u need to build m68k gnu tools.
          now, using these cross compilers u shall be able
to compile the programs.hence if u have built arm gnu tools
then, compile ur program using the arm-elf-gcc..along with the ecos

later run the sid using the command:
arm-elf-sid --board=pid7t-normalmap --gdb=2000 -tksm -EL &

this should pop a system monitor.
later run command:
arm-elf-gdb test.x


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