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Re: Multiprocessor simulation

Hi -

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 06:05:31PM +0000, Cristiano Pereira wrote:
> Can one run SID configured with multiple processors? Two processors for 
> instance? [...]

Sure.  sid was designed to provide models as modular as integrated
circuits are.  Conceptually, one replicates pieces that represent
unshared hardware (CPU, memory, whatever) to give them all distinct
names/types/connections.  One challenge is configuring the non-hardware
modules: those parts that relate to debugging, program loading, host I/O,
scheduling.  This can get complicated because of the number of degrees
of freedom.  It is simpler for a homogenous SMP system, where almost
everything is shared.

The public sid/bsp/configrun-sid script doesn't know how to construct
such configurations automatically, but we have a newer C++-based
configuration generator written by Graydon Hoare that does know how.
If there is interest, we can try pushing it out to sourceware sooner
rather than later.

- FChE

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