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Re: Allocating a thread to a specific processor core

I notice your question came via the old Red Hat sourceware repository mailing list. The project moved to sourceforge several years ago.
The current head revision at
(code at)
provides the following functions:
and supporting  macros/functions:
They follow the Linux functions of the same name. See the manual pages included in the code repository.
In case you're looking for binary versions of the library,  the Sourceforge project doesn't produce built versions of the library anymore, assuming that users will be able to and prefer to build their own.
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-------- Original message --------From: John Emmas <> Date: 14/5/18  6:08 pm  (GMT+10:00) To: Subject: Allocating a thread to a specific processor core 
When using 'pthread_create()' (on Windows) is it possible to specify a 
preferred processor/core for the thread to run on (in the attributes maybe?)

Windows itself has a function for doing this but I just wondered if 
there's anything similar that's already available in libpthread?



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