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RE: pthread, posix msg queues, and unix ipc

The main three differences why I choose POSIX IPC libraries over System V
IPC libraries are:
1) POSIX IPC is a portable standard.  Sys5 is not a portable standard.
2) POSIX IPC must be thread-safe.  Sys5 doesn't have to be and probably
3) Although not neccesarily faster, POSIX IPC tends to be more up to date
and functional. 

I don't believe Linux has POSIX MQ yet however the files I sent can
certainly work on Linux.


-----Original Message-----
From: Phil Crescioli []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 1:33 PM
Subject: pthread, posix msg queues, and unix ipc

Hello all, 
I'm working on multiple platforms using pthreads and deciding on 
a message transfer mechanism for each platforms internal transfers
 - either posix message queues or unix IPC. 

Can someone tell me the main differences between Posix Message Queues and
Unix IPC message transfers using msgget(), msgsnd(), msgrcv() ?

Also, does Linux 2.x support posix message queues ?  I cant seem to find
mq_send, etc.. on my Linux 2.4 box.  Is this a Linux add-on I need to
download off the net?


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