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Re: Looking for service/server operators


I've included you on a thread with the other parties involved so we can
get a decision on bare metal vs. VM by this Friday.

That VM would be provided by RDO Cloud on an ongoing basis. Our team
would help create and broker the initial relationship, then get out of
the way once you all and RDO Cloud ops team are properly connected.

Some further comments below:

On 07/26/2017 09:49 AM, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> The next resource we seem to be short of is disk iops.  Would y'll be
> able to help fund something like this pciexpress ssd card:
> ?

I would be happy to get that for you from OSAS, we some have budget
specifically for such things.

The questions are:

* Is it safe to do an upgrade with existing hardware?
* Should we wait for the new VM/server before proceeding with an
upgrade? But then why bother?
  - One point is that it may still be a few months before something is
operational to back up or replace the current server, where we can get
that part delivered very soon and installed in the system fairly
quickly, but are you all ready on the operations side for that?

Thanks for working with us and having patience as we try to 'help'. ;-)
Part of what our team is doing is finding all the community
infrastructure that has built up organically over the years and make
sure it has ongoing love and attention from the various groups at Red
Hat who care ... once they know about and have something plugged into
their systems. So plugging into the systems is what OSAS Community Infra
team is busy doing all the time and happy to continue helping here.

Best regards,

- Karsten
Karsten Wade
Community Infrastructure Team :
Red Hat Open Source and Standards (OSAS) : @redhatopen
@quaid gpg: AD0E0C41

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