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Forw: [ssmoogen at redhat dot com: Move of community hardware in PHX2]

Hi -

FYI, upcoming outage.
Also adding this to

----- Forwarded message from Stephen Smoogen <> -----
> Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:47:44 -0500
> To: [...]
> Subject: Move of community hardware in PHX2
> Good news everyone! <said in best Dr Farnsworth voice>
> We have new racks to move to in PHX2 which are being set up as we speak.
> The move is looking to happen during the first full week of December
> (4th ->8th) and will require a period of downtime where systems will
> need to be turned off, deracked, moved to new location, re-racked,
> powered on and brought back onto network.
> The new racks come with a deeper depth for newer systems, 30 amp
> switches instead of the 20 amps previously, and possibly a new firewall
> system.
> There should be no changes of IP addresses or other other configuration
> changes needed on your part and the downtime should be only a couple of
> hours on the outside. I am trying to get a clearer date set up but it
> will depend on some other pegs falling into place. As those get clearer,
> we will let people know.
> Also because the cost of this move is being done as part of a
> recycle/cleanup CAR, if there is old hardware you are not wanting to
> move over to the new location, please let us know. They will stay in the
> rack and can be recycled after the move.
> -- 
> Stephen Smoogen, Fedora Project IT

----- End forwarded message -----

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