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Re: [PATCH] Fix html build failure

Hi Thomas,

On Aug 18 16:57, Thomas Preudhomme wrote:
> Hi,
> Although pdf build is now working, html build is still failing with a
> different error. The errors are of the form:
> ./ctype/iswspace.def:1: Prev reference to nonexistent node `iswpunct_l'
> (perhaps incorrect sectioning?).
> and similar with the Next reference. This is because the def file contain
> both is* and is*_l function but only got a single @node for the is* version.
> As it happens, there is already a case of a single node for several
> function: isprint and isgraph are both in isprint node. I thus replicated
> the same approach of just having the comment list the function covered for
> all is* entries and removed all is*_l entries.
> Note that there is still an error with porting.html with recent version of
> makeinfo which I'll provide a separate patch for. With this patch I can
> build using makeinfo 4.13.
> [...]
> Is this ok for master branch?

In theory, yes.  However, it doesn't apply cleanly and despite trying I
can't get it to apply at all.  Can you please resend the patch as
attachment, ideally in `git format-patch' layout?


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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