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Re: Full implementation of POSIX-1.2008 locale_t and functions

On Aug  1 11:31, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> How do you test newlib?

There are three codepaths:

- All current non-Cygwin targets should not define __HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__.

    For these targets you only get LC_CTYPE and LC_MESSAGES support, but
    the new code is supposed to provide even those targets with
    implementations of per-REENT locales, the functions newlocale,
    duplocale, freelocale, uselocale, as well as the per-locale
    functions like isalpha_l.

- Non-Cygwin targets defining __HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__.

    Those shouldn't exist yet.  The code path is currently
    non-functional because I removed the old and broken implementation
    of __part_load_locale per my mail to this list:

    If anybody is interested to pick this up and re-implement the missing
    parts, feel free to discuss this on this list.  I'm happy to assist,
    but I won't implement this myself.

- Cygwin.

    This is basically the same code path as those non-existent targets
    with __HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ defined, except where loading the locale
    info is affected.  Cygwin doesn't use locale files, but rather loads
    the info from Windows.

I'm testing Cygwin together with testers on the Cygwin mailing list.

What I'm interested in is somebody building and checking the functionality
in the !__HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ path in the first place.

Another step is to re-add the missing __part_load_locale stuff for the
non-Cygwin __HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ codepath, but we can go there when


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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